The National Associated for Continence (NAFC), an organization that provides education about the cause, treatments, diagnosis, and management of incontinence and other urological dysfunctions, has released a new educational pamphlet for consumers who may be facing urinary catheterization as well as nurses who need to instruct patients on self catheterization.

The publication, sponsored by the Rochester Medical Corporation, outlines step-by-step instructions for self-cathing, product selection, and Medicare coverage for urinary catheters.  There’s also a focus on preventing Urinary Tract Infections, which are of course very common implications for many using catheters that increase suffering, hospital visits, and can even mean severe urological damage for some.

Catheterization is performed by hospitals, homes, or nursing facilities about 4-5 million times per year, and the estimated cost of Urinary Tract Infections (many times due to incorrect catheterization) is over $1.6 billion US dollars annually in the United States alone.

From the article:

Leslie Wooldridge, GNP-BC, editor of this publication, believes this pamphlet will help many. “I will recommend this publication to all of my patients who catheterize, many of whom may not be aware of the recent change in Medicare coverage. Other healthcare professionals will find this pamphlet useful as well.”

Karen Sasso, RN, APN, BSN, MSN, CCCN, clinical reviewer of this publication, explains the use of this pamphlet: “Catheterization should be easy and painless. This pamphlet will help many learn the correct way to catheterize and how to avoid discomfort and possible bladder infections that occur when incorrect technique is performed.”

The pamplet can be purchased from NAFC’s online Paypal store here.  For bulk orders, call them at 1.800.BLADDER (252.3337) or e-mail