About CatheterGuide.com

Catheter Guide is a Web resource for individuals who either have, or a loved one who requires the use of urinary catheters.

Our aim is to provide easy access to resources, videos, and advice concerning urinary catheterization for both men and women.

What is a catheter?

A catheter is tube that is inserted in the body.  It could be for any number of uses; Catherguide.com focuses primarily on urinary catheters and urine diversion – one of the most common forms of catheterization.

Urinary catheters are different for both men and women, and require daily maintenance to prevent infections and health problems.  Catheters come in many types, including:

  • Foley Cathters – Balloon tip catheter filled with water.
  • Robinson Cathters – Standard, basic catheter with no balloon tip.
  • Coude Catheters – Catheters with curved tips designed for urinary tract obstructions or the prostate.
  • External (Condom) Catheters – A Male-specific catheter

There are many needs for urine diversion – or “cathing” for short – discussed on CatheterGuide.com.  While generally an uncomfortable experience for the patient, many can insert and manage their own catheterization when needed.  It also requires specific, doctor-recommended medical supplies for proper care and  management.

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